"Schoolhouse Rock!" Composer Bob Dorough Dead At 94

April 25, 2018
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(Photo via Dreamstime)

An executive from a New York ad agency first approached musician and composer Bob Dorough in 1971.  

The executive lamented that his sons couldn't multiply, and asked Dorough if he could set the multiplication tables to music.  Dorough did jus that, and thus, "Three's a Magic Number" was born.  Shortly after in 1973, Dorough's compositions became the soundtrack for the wildly popular Schoolhouse Rock! which aired on ABC for 12 years, and in schools EVERYWHERE when it was too wet to play outside for recess.

Unfortunately, Dorough has passed away at the age of 94 according to his granddaughter.  She didn't disclose a cause of death, but did confirm he was diagnosed with cancer last year.  Dorough's works include "Conjunction, Junction" and "I'm Just a Bill," which helped thousands of students learn about simple math functions, the rules of grammar, and the legislative process.

Dorough told CNN in 2013 he believed his songs resonated with so many people because "even though they were in a 'rock' or 'pop' bag, my jazz sensibilities and the fine musicians I used for the audio recordings made the songs seem unusual to the Saturday morning cartoon listener."

Rest in Peace.