Colorado School District Gets Rid Of Mondays, Moves To Four Day Week

August 15, 2018
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A Colorado school district is attempting an experiment that could potentially save them $1 million but cost a lot of parents in the process.

District 27J has officially slashed Mondays off their calendar, and moved to a four-day school week.  It's a move designed to cut costs and attract teachers, and the district believes it could save up to $1 million in funds it would normally use to pay substitutes and run busses for the day.

Students would attend classes Tuesday through Friday from 8:30-4:30, and teachers would still have to come into work one Monday a month, but only for half a day.  District 27J Superintendent Chris Fiedler said Monday was chosen as the day to cut to give students an extra "day to prepare."  He told USA Today, "We really feel like Monday is the day to prepare and to be better for kids.  This will give people a chance to have a weekend and then come in on Monday — whether they're paid to or not because they're doing that work anyway to be prepared for kids and to be better for kids."

However, some parents are concerned about their children having Mondays off, because who is going to watch them?  Parents don't have Mondays off from work, after all.  The district did say they would offer  child care for children under 12 for $30 on Mondays.  If they save $1 million it's the least they could do.

Via Fox News