Ryan ToysReview Tops The Highest Paid YouTube Stars Of The Year, Earning $22 Million In 2018

December 5, 2018
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The highest paid YouTube star  is a 7-year-old who loves trains, cars, and Legos, and earns more than $20 million playing with them.

Ryan ToysReview topped the list of the highest paid YouTube stars of the year, earning $22 million in 2018. 

Ryan’s short and sweet toy review videos have garnered a following of 17.3 million subscribers, and 26 billion views since the launch of his main channel.  As to why Ryan thinks his channel has become so successful, he told NBC, “I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

The top ten highest paid YouTubers of the past year include:

10-Logan Paul - $14.5 Million

9-PewDiePie - $15.5 Million

8-Jacksepticeye - $16 Million

7-Vanoss Gaming - $17 Million

6-Markiplier - $17.5 Million

5-Jeffree Star - $18 Million

4-DanTDM - $18.5 Million

3-Dude Perfect - $20 Million

2-Jake Paul - $21.5 Million

1-Ryan ToysReview - $22 Million

Via Forbes