Ryan Reynolds Honored Kenny Rogers By Sharing A Deleted Scene Of Deadpool Singing ‘The Gambler’

Rogers Passed Away Over The Weekend At The Age Of 81

March 24, 2020

Woohae Cho / Stringer

Over the weekend the world lost music legend Kenny Roger, who passed away at the age of 81, and the tributes are still pouring in. One that came as a surprise to many fans was the one shared by actor Ryan Reynolds. In his post, Reynolds shared a deleted scene from the first ‘Deadpool’ film where his character sings Rogers’ most famous song, ‘The Gambler.’

In the scene, Reynolds character battles the villain Ajax, and as the deleted scene shows, originally Deadpool sang the famous Kenny Rogers song during their fight. “During the edit of Deadpool 1, we kept messing around with Deadpool singing Kenny Rogers, THE GAMBLER while putting the beat down on Ajax. It didn’t make the cut. But it sure made me smile,” Reynolds said in his Instagram post.

While the Kenny Rogers songs didn’t make the cut, fans were excited to see the “Merc with a Mouth” belting out the quintessential Kenny Rogers tune. In the scene that made the cut, instead of singing Deadpool says, “A hush falls over the crowd. Rookie sensation Wade W. Wilson out of Regina, Saskatchewan lines up the shot.” Clearly, they should have kept Reynolds singing ‘The Gambler’ instead.

Via Uproxx