This Map Offers A Road Trip Of Famous Texas Filming Locations

August 15, 2018
Welcome to Texas, Road Sign, Texas

Texas is big, beautiful, and often the setting of some of the biggest movies in Hollywood.

The Lone Star State has a ton of aesthetic, culture, and history to offer, so it's no wonder Texas is home to classic films like Giant, and The Alamo, to independent flicks like Rushmore, and serves as the setting of post-apocalyptic cities in Robocop and Logan's Run.

The cinematic history of Texas is big and true, and now, you can explore our state, and visit some of the sites used in some of Hollywood's most famous productions.

The Texas Film Commission, as part of its Texas Film Trails project, created a map of the most famous filming locations in Texas, containing movies and tv shows as far back as 1957's Giant, all the way to 2011's Friday Night Lights.  

Check out the map HERE!  

The map also provides a description of each filming location, and covers Texas sites famous and not.  From the River Walk in San Antonio, where Selena and Chris Perez celebrated their marriage in Selena, to Austin’s Baker Street Pub, which served as two different restaurants, “Chotskie’s” and “Flinger’s," in Office Space.

Summer is winding down, but it's never too early to star planning for the next one!  Why not a tour of Texas? 

Via Texas Monthly