[Video] The “Reverse-Eating Cam” Has Taken Over The NBA, And Now The Internet

The In Game Feature Has Begun To Pop Up In NBA Arenas Around The Country

November 7, 2019


For years, the kiss cam had embarrassed fans on the Jumbo Tron at sporting events. Now, there is a new in game feature that has some NBA fans feeling queasy. The “reverse-eating cam” shows unsuspecting fans eating their concessions in reverse, and has been used at multiple NBA arenas this year.

The Milwaukee Bucks introduced a new in game feature that has fans a bit grossed out. The “reverse-eating cam” has gone viral, as it shows fans at the arena eating, but in reverse. Apparently the Bucks started this last season, and now some other teams have started using it as well.

While some fans weren’t too pleased with the thought of being put on camera while eating, others found the “reverse-eating cam” to by funny and a great addition to the in game experience. Thanks to this newly viral video, the “reverse-eating cam” could soon become a go to feature for sports teams around the country.

Via Fox News