Dallas Restaurants Using Facial Recognition Software To Remember Customers' Orders

July 31, 2018
Man, Facial Recognition, Face Scan

Pretty soon, you won't even have to talk to the person behind the counter to order your food.

Two restaurants in Dallas have brought facial-recognition software to our town, meaning you scan your face, and a computer will remember your order for the next time you visit.  BurgerFi and a location of Malibu Poke have adopted the new technology into their restaurants, and it's all about our convenience.  Malibu Poke owner John Alexis told the Dallas Observer, "It's all about speed and getting through the line quickly."  

This type of software is already in use at Caliburger locations in Philadelphia and Pasadena, California, a KFC in Beijing, and a UFood Grill in Owings Mills, Maryland.

For your visits after your face is scanned, the system will even recommend items that you might like.  Kinda creepy, but convenient nonetheless.

Via The Takeout