Restaurant Covers Building With ‘Ghostbusters’ Decorations, And The Town Loves It

Angelo’s II In Pennsylvania Always Does Themed Decorations For Big Holidays

October 8, 2019

Matt Cowan / Staff

While Mr. Rogers and the college admissions scandal are getting sexy Halloween costume makeovers, some classic costumes are just too good to mess with. Since it first hit theaters, ‘Ghostbusters’ has been a go to Halloween costume, especially for a four person friend group. Now, a restaurant is getting involved too, as Angelo’s II in Pennsylvania has decorated the entire outside of their building with a ‘Ghostbusters’ theme.

Angelo’s II is located at the bottom floor of a building in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, but currently the building looks like it has been fully taken over by ghosts. The restaurant has ghost like tentacles popping out of the windows, and an inflatable Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man on the roof to complete the ‘Ghostbusters’ Halloween theme. While the decorations may seem a bit over the top, it has been a huge hit for everyone in the town of Monongahela.

This is nothing new for Angelo’s II which tends to go over the top with decorations for holidays. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday, the restaurant and bar is sure to be the talk of the town thanks to their décor. Now as long as Angelo’s II doesn’t actually become haunted, their ‘Ghostbusters’ theme will definitely bring a heavy flow of customers throughout the season.

Via Fox News