Research Finds Life Is More Fulfilling When You're Single

May 8, 2018
Single, Woman, Winter, Happy, Arms Raised

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Everybody has that annoying family member in their lives.  "So when are YOU going to get married?"  More often than not, it's probably their parents who are itching for a grandbaby or twelve.  

If the perfect person hasn't come into your life yet, fear not.  Don't worry about all your friends from high school and college getting married to their sweethearts and starting their lives together.  It's all a facade!  Research from Bella DePaulo, an author, researcher, and social psychologist shows that being single leads to a more fulfilling life than a long term relationship.  

According to her research, single people are better at "maintaining ties with friends, neighbors, parents, and siblings."  Also, single people tend to be "the life of their cities and towns," meaning, they are usually more likely to "participate in more civic groups and public events, enroll in more art and music classes, and go out to dinner more often than people who live with others."  

Married people can technically do those things as well, but 98% of the time it isn't worth the fight it could potentially cause.  But if kids are involved you can probably forget about that altogether.

Single people were also found to experience more personal growth and saw increases in autonomy and self-determination than their married counterparts.  According to DePaulo, "To have strong internal standards and to continue to experience personal growth over the course of your adult years strike me as important dimensions of a meaningful life.  They are experiences that increase over time if you stay single, more so than if you stay married."

Via NY Post