Real Estate Agent Uses ‘Scream’ Themed Photos To Help Sell Home

The Home Located In Lansing, Michigan Has Now Been Viewed Online Over 20,000 Times

October 2, 2019


Real estate agents are always looking for a way to get a leg up on the competition, and with Halloween right around the corner, one agent in Michigan may have come up with the perfect way to sell a home. James Pyle, a realtor for Century 21, posted staged photos of a home he’s selling, but in each photo was a man standing somewhere in the room wearing the iconic Halloween mask from the movie ‘Scream.’ While most agents want to prove the home isn’t haunted, these now viral photos are helping this agent find a buyer for this listing.

Looking for a way to make a house in Lansing, Michigan stand out, real estate agent James Pyle, came up with the perfect, Halloween themed, idea to help sell his listing. While he didn’t expect the photos to go viral, he knew they would help draw a crowd. Each photo posted of the home includes a man wearing the mask from ‘Scream,’ lurking somewhere around the home. Luckily, the house doesn’t come with this terrifying person.

The man can be seen doing a number of things around the house, including carving a pumpkin, raking leaves and playing with Legos. The masked man can also be seen doing more traditional horror actions such as lurking around corners, and hiding behind blinds. Pyle’s goal was to generate some fun and get some views. Luckily for the real estate agent, now his listing has been viewed online over 20,000 times.

Via Fox News