Entire Apartment Building Evacuated After Leaping Rat Pulls Fire Alarm

September 12, 2018
Rat, Mouse, Close Up

Residents of a Washington D.C. condo had to be evacuated after fire alarms rang throughout their building.

Though no fire was detected in or around the building, the entire establishment was evacuated of residents and staff until safety measure were taken.  The next step was to determine who exactly pulled the trigger.  A disgruntled resident?  Some kids trying to play a prank?  Some immature adults trying to play a prank?

No...it was a rat.  Security footage captured the rat as it leapt up the wall, grabbed a hold of the fire alarm lever, and used its weight to pull it down, triggering the alarm. 

No word yet if the rat was accompanied by four teenaged turtles who knew martial arts.

Via NY Post