Rat Eats Nearly $20,000 In Cash After Breaking Into ATM

June 25, 2018
Brown, Rat, Concrete, Floor

(Photo via Dreamstime)


An ATM in India had not been dispensing cash for days, so finally a technician was called to investigate why.  

When the technician popped open the machine, he found $18,000 worth of Indian rupee notes completely chewed and shredded, along with the culprit...one dead rat.  The rat somehow bypassed the machine's security systems and made it's way for a hearty snack of cash.  Chandan Sharma, a branch manager for the State Bank of India said, "The ATM was out of order for a few days and when our technicians opened the kiosk we were shocked to find shredded notes and a dead rat.  We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence."

Security cameras did not capture the rat entering the machine at all, so it's still a mystery how the little guy made his way in for his next and final meal.  Of the 2.9 million rupees ($42,685) in the ATM, 1.7 million rupees ($25,022) were able to be salvaged.

Via New York Post