Judge Tosses Lawsuit Of Couple Seeking $5 Million After Getting Cheese On Their Plain Burger

November 8, 2018
Cheeseburger, Ketchup, Pickles

What happens when you accidentally get cheese on your burger?

First off, cheeseburgers are far superior to regular hamburgers, but that argument is for another day.  When your fast food order comes out wrong, it’s a little irritating, and as long as you didn't drive home without checking, you can usually go back to the counter and get it corrected fairly quickly.  

This Florida couple decided to take a different course of action.

They ordered a Quarter Pounder, but no cheese, and lo and behold, it had cheese.  They felt wronged, and they figured that since some McDonald’s locations offer a cheese-less Quarter Pounder for $.30 less than those with cheese, consumers should be entitled to $5 million in a class action lawsuit.

They swear the math checked out.

The judge did not see it their way, however, and threw out their case with prejudice.  The couple's lawsuit was thrown out based on their failure to “state a claim” for their damages, meaning they didn't adequately show how they were financially harmed for receiving cheese on their Quarter Pounder. Also, because $5 million for a slice of cheese is a really, really dumb lawsuit.  

By throwing out the claim with prejudice, the couple can never bring this suit again.

Via The Takeout