Purse Thief Caught Trying To Pay For Meal With Waitress's Credit Card

June 21, 2018
Restaurant, Check, Bill, Credit Card, Coffee

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Last Monday, Arkansas woman Flora Lunsford had her purse stolen while she was inside a convenience store two block away from her work.

Security footage showed a suspect breaking into Lunsford car while she was inside the United Filling Station, swiping her purse, and getting back into his own car and taking off.

You'd figure she'd never see her purse or its contents ever again, right?  Well, just a couple of days later, Lunsford, a waitress, was serving 21-year-old Shamon West at Shannon's Restaurant in Pine Bluff, Arkansas when the time came to pay for the meal.  West handed Lunsford a credit card.  He handed her HER OWN credit card.  Of course, she didn't want to help West pay for the meal, so she phoned for the police who arrived shortly thereafter and arrested West on the spot.

A quick search found that West was also in possession of Lunsford's driver’s license, social security card, as well as other credit cards. 

At this time, police aren't positive the role West played in the theft of Lunsford's purse.  West was arrested on charges of forgery, theft by receiving, along for having three additional outstanding warrants.

Via Fox News