Electronic Prison Doors Suddenly Open At Prison Known For Riots, Causes Riot

September 11, 2018
Prison, Cellblock

Tecumseh State Correctional Institute in Nebraska has garnered a reputation for its proclivity for riots.  

Last year, two inmates were killed and plenty others injured during a riot that included a prison courtyard fire  And before that, in May 2015, in the same housing unit no less, a riot left the facilities with about $2 million worth of damage.

So you can probably understand the state of things when the prison's electronic doors suddenly opened without warning around 10am last Friday.  Inmates were ordered to stay in their cells, but of course, not all complied.  Many entered their housing unit's gallery, and refused to return.  An inmate ended up being assaulted and was seriously injured during the breakdown.  He was transferred to a Lincoln hospital where he was classified as in stable condition.  Another inmate also received minor injuries, the extent of which hasn't been determined.

Prison guards tried using pepper spray to disperse the crowd in the gallery to no avail.  Several inmates even managed to start a fire in the cell.  Fortunately, the fire was contained to just that cell, and prisoners were returned to their cells a short time later.  No prison employees were injured during the incident.

Prison officials say the cause of the error is under investigation.

Via NY Post