Preschool Bans The Term "Best Friend" For Being Exclusionary

April 23, 2018
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Julia Hartwell is a 4-year-old pre-schooler at Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Georgetown, Massachusetts.  

Julia was recently reprimanded by her teacher for calling a fellow student her "best buddy," which apparently is not allowed at Pentucket Workshop.  The administration believes the term "best friend" can be exclusionary to the students who do not have a best friend, and could ultimately lead to "the formation of cliques and outsiders."  The school encourages its students to "have a wider group of friends."


A voice of reason here, Dr. Gregory Young, a pediatric psychologist, said "Although I think that words are really important and the term 'best' does have an implied meaning to it.  I don't know if the right answer is necessarily denying children the ability to use that term."  While Julia still uses the phrase "best friend" at home, her mother Christine says she would routinely shift her gaze towards her to make sure what she was saying was ok.  

Christine says she has pulled Julia from school for the remainder of the year.  Pentucket Workshop was not immediately available for comment.

Via ABC 7