Police Dog Goes Viral After Getting Caught Stealing Children’s Toys

Franklin Police Department Had Noticed Toys Missing From Toy Drive

December 21, 2019


During the holiday season, police departments all over the country help prevent gift theft, but for police in Massachusetts, they had to deal with an inside job. Franklin Police Department officers had noticed some toys missing from their upcoming charity toy drive. Luckily, they caught the criminal red handed, and it happened to be the department’s therapy dog.

Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Police Department’s therapy dog, was spotted walking the halls with a toy baby in his mouth, after toys recently began going missing. “When Ben saw the toys, he thought they all belonged to him," said Deputy Chief James Mill. The dog tried running away, but instead led the officers to its secret stash of toys.

Luckily for Benjamin Franklin, the officers decided not to file any charges, however he is no longer allowed in the toy room. Officers replaced the toys the dog had stolen, mostly due to excessive slobber on the originals. For the Franklin police officers, they can’t stay mad at their therapy dog as “even if you're having a terrible day, if Ben walks in, seriously it's like a ray of sunshine."

Via CTVNews