Police Do Routine Vehicle Check Only To Find Terrifying T-Rex In The Back Of Van

It Is Unknown Why The Driver Had A Fake Dinosaur In His Van

October 10, 2019


When police search a vehicle they never know what they might find. Most cases the stops remain pretty routine, but every once in a while an officer will make a startling discovery. That’s exactly what happened to a police officer in the UK recently, when he opened the back of a lorry only to find a massive ceramic T-rex starring back at him.

The road cops from Thames Valley in the UK were stunned when they came face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the back of the box van. Of course, the dinosaur was made of ceramics, but it still looked ready to pounce with its orange eyes and jagged teeth. Once the officer recovered from the shock, he posted a photo of the fake dinosaur, and it quickly went viral.

In the post, the officer wrote, “Now I wasn't expecting that” along with a picture form the back of the lorry. It is still unknown why exactly the driver was hauling this giant ceramic dinosaur, but many comments suggest it go somewhere where it can continue to scare unsuspecting passer byers. Hopefully, next time this officer does a routine check he doesn’t get a similar surprise.

Via Fox News