The Oldest Home In Plano Has Been Relocated For Complete Renovation And Preservation

September 20, 2018
Old Wooden House

The Collinwood House is one of the most historic buildings in Plano.

Constructed in the 1860s, and considered the oldest home in th city, the home as faced demolition for years, after years of discussion of what to do with the home.  Thanks to Clint and Rutledge Haggard, and a year of community advocacy and a hefty donation from the family, the Collinwood House finally has a new home.

Yesterday, the entire structure was transported about a mile away from Windhaven Parkway to its new permanent home on the Haggard family farm, where it will be restored, renovated, and given a new life, some 160 years later.

As for what the family plans on doing with the home, Clint said "The right idea will come along at the right time.  It might be tomorrow.  It may be 10 years from now.  Who knows?  It could go a lot of different directions.  It could be a museum.  It could be a bar.  It could be a restaurant.  It could be a community event place.  Right now, we're just trying to get it off of here to save it.  Regardless, we'll document our history here and Plano's history here with this home, no matter what its intended use is."

Via Plano Star Courier