Pizza And Kale Flavored Candy Canes Are Coming To Ruin Christmas

Archie McPhee Released Their New Flavors Well Before Holiday Season

September 17, 2019


It isn’t even Halloween yet, but that isn’t stopping a candy cane company from releasing some odd new flavors well before the Christmas season.  Archie McPhee, a company known for different flavored candy canes, announced their two new flavors for the holiday season. This year, they will be selling Pizza and Kale flavored candy canes.

Archie McPhee is pushing the flavor boundaries this year with their new flavors. While they have sold odd flavors in the past, such as ham candy canes, these two new flavors have many grossed out. Even pizza lovers are questioning the new flavor.

While many may be turned off to the idea of a pizza or kale flavored candy cane, some are excited to give it a try. The new flavors are already available online at $6 for a 6-pack. According to the company’s description the pizza flavor is “allegedly cooked in a candy-fired oven by Sicilian elves” while the Kale candy cane “tastes just like the kale you love.” The flavors may be odd, but they will definitely get anyone in the Christmas spirit earlier than expected.

Via Fox News