Delivery Driver Travels 450 Miles To Deliver Man In Hospice Care His Favorite Pizza

October 22, 2018
Pizza, Delivery, Box, Wooden Table

When Julie and Rich Morgan lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, they would stop by Steve's Pizza every single payday for dinner.

Now, some 25 years later, the couple lives in Indianapolis, but to celebrate Julie's birthday, they decided to make the trek up to their favorite pizza joint.  Unfortunately, Rich fell into bad health.  He wound up in the ER, his cancer worsening to the point where doctors told him that he had weeks, maybe days, to live.  Unfortunately, their voyage to Steve's Pizza would not happen.

When Julie’s father, David Dalke, found out about their canceled birthday plans, he called Steve's Pizza from Indianapolis hoping they would send a note or letter to the couple.   The man working the counter asked what kind of pizza Rich and Julie enjoyed.  He had a plan.

On the other end of the line was 18-year-old Dalton Shaffer, grandson of Steve, the original owner of Steve's. As soon as the store closed, and without telling his family or the store, he hopped in his car, two of Rich and Julie's favorite pizzas in tow, and began the three-and-a half hour drive to Indianapolis, 225 miles away.

He arrived at Julie's father’s house around 2am, refused payment, and declined an invitation for a bite to eat or something to drink.  He had to turn right back around and head back to Battle Creek.  He had work the next day.  

Dalke said the world needs more "Daltons."  He said, "There's so much goodness in people -- and there are people in this world that will stretch out, and care and not think twice about it.  We're going through grief but, by golly, there's something good that's happening."

And that's the message Dalton is trying to spread.  He said, "I have already gotten a ton of phone calls from people saying they were inspired in the future to help other people and to be able to do things like that.  To me, that right there is what I want.  I just want people to think about the family and pray for them.”