Quick-Thinking Pizza Delivery Boy Saves Kidnapping Hostage From Abusive Ex

October 3, 2018
Pizza, Delivery, Boxes

Joey Grundl noticed the woman standing behind the man who greeted him at the door had a black eye.

The pizza delivery boy was delivering a pizza to a home in Waldo, Wisconsin when the woman motioned to her black eye and mouthed something at him.  Grundl told news station WTKR, "It's kind of scary.  Gave him his pizza, and noticed behind him was his girlfriend.  She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible.  She mouthed the words 'call police.'"  

After returning to his car, Grundl immediately called 911.  He told dispatchers, "I had a delivery  It was a middle-aged couple.  The woman clearly had a black eye."  The man in question, Dean Hoffmann, tried to block officers from entering the home upon their arrival, after which he was taken into police custody.  Hoffmann and the female victim were in a relationship, but ended it over the summer.  He entered her home, started beating her, bound her arms and legs using a power cord from a vacuum, though untied her but refused to leave the home. She told the officers who rescued her she "truly believed [he] was going to kill her that night."

Hoffman was arrested on numerous charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation, and suffocation.  Thank goodness for pizza.

Via NY Post