Photographer Captures Epic Battle Between Crocodile And Anaconda

The Fight Between Reptiles Took Place In Pantanal, Brazil

September 10, 2019


The wild can be a pretty scary place as animals battle it out for survival. Luckily, there are some brave enough to capture these battles in action. In a recent epic fight between reptiles, a 29 foot anaconda took on a crocodile. See the incredible pictures here.

The fight between the 29 foot snake, and the six foot long caiman crocodile took place in Pantanal, Brazil recently. Both species come from the swamps of the tropical wetland, so this was most likely a battle over territory. As the images show, the anaconda wraps itself around the crocodile as the fight begins. The snake eventually slithers away after choking the crocodile to death.

Photographer Kevin Dooley was able to capture this epic battle between two terrifying animals. According to Dooley, “I was sitting in a boat having our lunch when this happened. I couldn’t believe it all.” Luckily, Dooley quickly grabbed his camera and captured the fight before it was over. It was truly a battle for the ages.

Via Yahoo!