Photo Of Boy Doing Homework Under A Street Light Goes Viral, Stranger Steps In To Change His Life

June 13, 2019
Street Light, Corner, Building, House, Downtown, Cusco, Peru

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Víctor Martín Angulo Córdova is an 11-year-old boy living in Peru with his family.  

Victor's family's home does not have electricity, but Victor was determined to maintain his studies away from school.  A photograph of Victor doing his homework under a street light in the middle of the road went absolutely viral online.  

Victor's family's home doesn't have electricity due to  a lack of money to pay the bills, and because they don't have documentation to prove the ownership of their home, which is needed to install electricity.

Well, the image of Victor went viral, and first caught the attention of the town's mayor, Arturo Fernández Bazán.  Not only did he buy Victor a package of school supplies, he helped the family get the paperwork done so they could acquire the deed to their property to get their electricity installed.

Then, 31-year-old millionaire Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak entered the picture.  He was touched by Victor's story, and traveled to Peru to meet Victor and completely change his life.  He decided to rebuild Victor's family home into a now two-story dwelling, help Victor's mother start a small business, and gift Victor an additonal $2,000 (into his mother's care.)

Mubarak also pledged to remodel and expand the Victor's school, adding among other things, a modern computer lab.

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Mubarak only asked that in return, that Victor continues "to be a humble, extraordinary person who loves his mother and works hard at his education."

Victor has plans to grow up and become a police officer, to “fight corruption, thieves, and drugs."

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