Parrot's Excellent Fire Alarm Imitation Leads Firefighters To Home To Fight Nonexistent Fire

November 20, 2018
African Gray Parrot, Bird

A British fire department sent firefighters racing to a scene of a potential fire.  When they arrived, they found no danger, no fire, and the fire alarm not even ringing.

The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service called a homeowner when it was reported a fire alarm was triggered at his house.  Despite the homeowner saying there was no fire, the department continued to hear an alarm blaring in the background.  They sent a crew to the home to investigate.  

When firefighters arrived, they indeed saw there was indeed no fire, and the alarm?  The homeowner’s parrot who was mimicking the sound.

Watch Commander Norman James said, “It certainly made the crew smile and although it was a false alarm because there was no actual fire, we were thankful that the householder -- and of his two parrots Jazz and Kiki -- were safe.”

Homeowner Steve Dockerty said Jazz was to blame for the fire alarms sounds.  He said, “He likes to imitate things.  He imitated the smoke alarm so well that they called the fire brigade.  All the while, Jazz was sitting in his cage laughing his socks offs.”