People In Relationships Gain An Average Of 36 Pounds In "Love Weight"

September 28, 2018
Couple, Eating, Breakfast

If you've been in a happy relationship for a while and have noticed your pants are just a smidge tighter, you're not the only one.

A new study has found that 79% of Americans in a relationship are carrying around a little extra..."love weight."  And it's all been gained after hooking up with their significant other.  After 2,000 people were asked, the average respondent gained around 36 pounds since they first started dating their current partner, with 17 pounds in the first year alone.

And unfortunately fellas, men were more likely to gain weight than women (69% for men, 45% for women).

The love pounds can be attributed to obviously eating out and dining in more, and drinking more at home.  Plus, after entering in a relationship, people no longer felt pressure about looking trim and were "comfortable" eating more.  

Single people who participated in the survey said seeking a romantic partner is still a great weight-loss motivator.  Monty Sharma, president and CEO of Jenny Craig said, "The data shows that while people have gained weight in a relationship, they are recognizing that they need to lose it, and that is great news for their health."

Via Bravo