People Are Actually Ditching Toilet Paper In Favor Of Reusable "Family Cloth"

March 30, 2018
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Ok.  First of all, this is gross.  Maybe friendlier to the environment, but still way gross.

Families are actually making the shift away from toilet paper.  Bidets aren't on the rise in the states, but "Family Cloth" is.  Family Cloth is reusable toilet paper.  They are cloth wipes that you clean yourself with, and rather than throw away, throw it in your hamper along with the rest of your dirty laundry.  

Health experts agree that while this toilet paper alternative may be cost and eco friendly, those who partake in the Family Cloth may actually be more at risk for the spread of disease.  EVERYTHING that the Family Cloth touches after it's been used can become contaminated, and human excrement carries a wide array of pathogens that can cause illness.  If you throw your Family Cloth into the hamper, everything it touches not only has poo particles, but poo diseases as well.  

We'll stick with toilet paper for now, thanks.

Via USA Today