Paul Hogan To Return As Crocodile Dundee In ‘The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee’

The First Look Poster For The Film Was Released This Week

February 28, 2020

Pool / Pool

With all the sequels and reboots being made today, Paul Hogan has decided to step back into the shoes of his most iconic role, but not in the way most are expecting. It had been rumored for some time that Hogan was set to reprise his role as Crocodile Dundee in an upcoming reboot. Now, the first poster for the film has been revealed, and it seems Hogan decided to take a meta route for his reboot.

As seen in the poster for ‘The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee,’ Hogan is back with frequent collaborator, director Dean Murphy, and a cast of well-known stars. According to the film’s synopsis, “Paul Hogan is reluctantly thrust back into the spotlight as he desperately attempts to restore his sullied reputation on the eve of being knighted.” While Hogan is returning to the franchise, it seems he will actually be playing himself for this version of the franchise.

Along with Hogan, the film stars Olivia Newton-John, Chevy Chase, John Cleese and Wayne Knight. No official release date for the film has been announced yet. Still, fans can’t wait to see what kind of meta-comedy this reboot has to offer.

Via Yahoo!