Parkland Hospital Turned Into Prom After Hospitalized Grapevine Senior Voted Prom King

May 17, 2018
High School, Prom, Wrist, Corsage

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Terrence Mayhorn was born with a condition called "encephalocele," and had his first surgery at three-years-old.

As his senior year at Grapevine High School was coming to a close, Terrence developed a complication that required some additional neurosurgery.  He would be required to stay a few days in Parkland Hospital, which unfortunately meant missing his senior prom.  

Well that didn't sit right with his classmates.  While in the hospital, Terrence was voted Prom King, and last Friday, nurses quickly transformed a meeting room in Parkland's Neurology Unit on the 16th floor into a prom ballroom.  His mother was able to coax him into putting on a tuxedo saying he was going to get his picture taken, and as they walked into the room, Terrence's nurses and several classmates shouted "SURPRISE," all while holding a banner proclaiming him Prom King.  They even had presented Terrence with the traditional Grapevine High School Prom King Crown.

Terrence's mom Sharon Okafor said, "I'm just overwhelmed.  He's such a popular kid, and he's just so sweet.  So, couldn't happen to a better person.  He deserves it."  Student body president Lyon Lee said the class voted for Terrence "because he is a special guy."  And good news, though the prom had to be brought to him, it looks like Terrence will be released from the hospital soon enough to join his classmates for graduation.