Texas Parents Go Viral After They Take Over Daughter’s Social Media As Punishment

Their Daughter Had To Give Up Her Devices And Social Media Accounts For Two Weeks

November 22, 2019


Finding the perfect punishment when a child does something wrong can be a difficult task, but two Texas parents may have just found the perfect solution. After their 15 year old daughter attempted to sneak boys into a sleepover party, her parents decided to give her two option; go one month without her cell phone, or two weeks without the device and relinquishing control of her various social media. She chose to give up social media, and the results are hilarious.

Tawyna Ford and Larry Sumpter of Denton officially have control of their daughter Madelynn’s social media, and have quickly become viral stars because of it. The couple has taken over her Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok accounts and has been posting videos and selfies throughout the two weeks. In one video Madelynn’s father lip syncs while he dances around in a cropped tank and jean short.

Since taking over her social media Tawyna Ford and Larry Sumpter have received over 25,000 views on Madelynn’s Facebook page. Needless to say she is ready for this punishment to be over. Sadly for other teens around the country, this punishment may soon become a parent staple.

Via Fox News