Jimmy Kimmel Asks Parents To Prank Their Kids And Turn Off The TV In The Middle Of Fortnite

December 17, 2018
Fornite, Video Game, Hands, Controller, Xbox, 2018

(Photo by Josh Bachman/Sun-News)


Jimmy Kimmel loves making families torture each other.

We've seen the classic clips every Halloween of parents telling their children they ate their Halloween candy, or kids waking up their dads unmercifully on Father’s Day.  The man knows no bounds.

This may have gone too far though. 

Kids everywhere are obsessed with Fortnite.  It’s an epidemic.  So why not play a little prank on kids right in the middle of a game? 

Kimmel asked parents to record themselves turning off the television in the middle of their kid’s game of Fortnite, and the parents did not disappoint!

Fornite is serious business if you couldn't tell!