Oreos Introduce New Flavors Hot Chicken Wing And Wasabi

August 28, 2018
Oreos, Cookie, Glass of Milk

Oreos has always been known to experiment with wacky flavors.

We've seen watermelon, cotton candy, bubble gum all flavors, that while unusual, are still sweet and still fit the mold of what a cookie should taste like.  Oreos thought they were being too safe, apparently. 

Oreos parent company Mondelēz just announced the debut of two brand new flavors, coming to a supermarket near you (if you happen to live in China), Hot Chicken Wing, and Wasabi.

Obviously, these two "BIG" and "BOLD" flavors don't necessarily fit the cookie flavor norm, but Mondelēz wants to introduce "salty and spicy" flavors that we thought could "never" exist in the Oreo world.

Well, they are certainly right about that.

Via Fortune