One Of The Last Blockbusters In America Hopes Russell Crowe's Jockstrap Drives Business Up

May 4, 2018
Russell Crowe, Smile, Suit

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)


There aren't a lot of Blockbusters left standing anymore.

Whatever ones do remain will most likely be found in Alaska, where the WiFi situation isn't optimal for streaming services.  So there, the last remnants of movie-watching's past remain.  Still, we have no idea idea what kind of business the Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska sees on a regular basis, but they're hoping they will soon see a major influx in customers. 

Enclosed in a glass case, right at the front of the store for all who enter can see, is a piece of memorabilia from Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe.  Inside this glass case, is the leather jockstrap Crowe wore during his 2005 film Cinderella Man.  General Manager Kevin Daymude said, "There it is.  Everybody's going to want to see it.  Everybody's going to want to know it."

The jockstrap is the "crown jewel" of memorabilia gifted to the Blockbuster store from HBO's John Oliver.  He purchased the items at auction, which also include a vest Crowe wore in 2012's Les Miserables, a robe and boxing shorts also from Cinderella Man, a hood from 2010's Robin Hood, and both Crowe and Denzel Washington's set chairs from 2007's Oscar-nominated American Gangster.  Oliver sent the items to the store in Anchorage to hopefully increase their business.

Crowe arranged the auction in part to celebrate his divorce from his wife of 15 years.

Via Anchorage Daily News