Once On The Brink Of Extinction, Bald Eagle Population On The Rise In Texas

December 17, 2018
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The bald eagle population in Texas is moving on up!

It wasn't too long ago the bald eagle population was pretty much extinct in the Lone Star State. Sightings were virtually nil.

Now, as the overall population of the birds increase, so does their presence in Texas.  While they still may be elusive at times, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department knows the best spots to see these majestic creatures.

First, we are in the prime part of the year for bald eagle sightings, since they migrate south for the winter.  Around the Lone Star State, your best bet is to head to central or east Texas. Specifically, Lake Texana in Edna, just north of Victoria, has several nests, there have been reported sightings at Lake Buchanan and Burnet and Llano Counties, as well as Pedernales State Park and Inks Lake.

Happy sightings!

Via Texas Hill Country