Noticed Instagram Looking Different Yesterday? App Creators Claim It Was All A Big Mistake.

December 28, 2018
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If you looked at Instagram yesterday and noticed a dramatic change in your feed and were were not alone.

But fear not!  It was all just a big misunderstanding according to Instagram head honcho Adam Mosseri.  If you happened to check your app late yesterday morning, you may have noticed your feed no longer scrolled vertically, but horizontally.  It appeared similarly to how you would view Instagram stories, or as one person online put it, how you would view potential Tinder matches.  Whether they were trying to emulate the dating app or not, people were NOT thrilled.

Well, just a few hours after Instagram rolled out this update, the creators actually revealed it was all just a giant mistake, and they had no intention of changing the interface of the app in that fashion.  They quickly corrected the "bug," and returned everyone's feed back to normal.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri even tried to do some damage control himself, replying to people online upset with the update/"bug" personally.  

Hopefully, Instagram can work on preventing these types of "bugs" from happening in the future!

Via Esquire