North Texas Restaurant Challenges Patrons To Eat Five Feet Of Sushi As Fast As Possible

April 9, 2019
Sushi, California Roll, Plate, White Background

(Photo by Getty Images)

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Irving wanted to celebrate their one-year anniversary in style.

They invited several of their patrons to participate in a little sushi-eating competition, with some pretty cool prizes on the line.  At stake were a $300 credit to the restaurant, VIP tickets to a LiveNation concert, and a free hotel stay at a Holiday Inn Express.  All they had to do?  Eat five feet of sushi as fast as possible.

Competitors came from all over DFW to participate, and before each of them sat a plate of four vegetable rolls, three California rolls, and three spicy tuna rolls.  

Could you finish all ten rolls?

Via Guide Live