North Texas Recording More Snake Bites As Temperatures Rise

August 5, 2019

Well, the heat is back.

If hitting triple digits almost every day this week isn't enough, there's another problem we're all going to have to worry about: snakes.

The increase in temperatures in North Texas has also led to an increase in recorded snake bites.  So far this summer, Children’s Medical Center Dallas has treated 12 children for snake bites, which is 5 more than all of last summer.

Medical experts advise that if you happen to be bitten by a snake, remain calm, and if possible try to take a picture of the snake for identification purposes. 

Some symptoms of a snake bite can include:


Fainting or dizziness 

Fang marks 

Nausea and vomiting 

Numbness or tingling around the bite or in the mouth 

Swelling with pain 

Trouble breathing