Nirvana Reunites At Charity Event With Help From Beck, St. Vincent And Dave Grohl’s Daughter

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic And Pat Smear Performed At The 2020 Art Of Elysium Gala

January 6, 2020

Larry Busacca / Staff

2020 picked up right where 2019 left off, with a number of classic bands reuniting on stage for the first time in years. This weekend, it was Nirvana’s turn, as all the living original members got together for a performance at the 2020 Art of Elysium Gala. Of course, they had to fill the void left by Kurt Cobain, but the group had some pretty decent singers to fill his role.

This was the first time Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear performed together as Nirvana since an October 2018 Foo Fighters set at Cal Jam. Joining Nirvana was Beck, St Vincent and Grohl’s daughter, Violet to sing their iconic hits. Saying what brought the band back together, Novoselic said, “We couldn’t resist the temptation.”

St Vincent was up first, joining the group for a performance of ‘Lithium.’ Next up was Beck who sang ‘In Bloom,’ and finally Grohl’s daughter took the stage for ‘Heart-Shaped Box.’ While Nirvana wasn’t the only band that performed at the event, seeing them back together was the clear highlight for many.

Via Rolling Stone