Nicole Kidman Captures A Tarantula As Her Terrified Children Watch And Scream

July 31, 2018
Nicole Kidman, Smile, Red Carpet

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)


It is a mother's duty to protect her children, be it from a threat to their livelihood, boredom during the summer, or a gigantic tarantula that's wandering into their swimming pool.

Nicole Kidman faced that third option Sunday afternoon, after her kids noticed that a GIGANTIC tarantula was roaming around their backyard.  Like any good parent, Kidman calmly approached the spider, as it was making its way into their pool, and captured it in a drinking glass that they hopefully washed really, really well.  The best part?  Her kids are SCREAMING in the background, completely horrified that a creature such as this exists outside the confines of a zoo or anywhere but right in front of them.

House guest! Catch and release…spider released unharmed and healthy ❤️Happy Sunday

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Of course, being Australian, Kidman probably took down beasts three times this little guy's size in her sleep.  And this tarantula can consider itself lucky, as Kidman opted to catch and release it back into the wild rather than destroy it.  Maybe it'll think twice about returning, though!

Via People