Nicolas Cage Shows Up To Movie Premiere Looking Unrecognizable

Cage Showed Up The ‘Running With The Devil’ Premiere With A New Look

September 18, 2019


Over the year, Nicolas Cage has become one of the most recognizable stars in the movie industry. However, when the 55-year-old actor showed up to the premiere of his new movie, he had a totally new look no one was expecting. Cage walked the red carpet for his new film, ‘Running With The Devil,’ sporting a beard and rugged new look.

Nicolas Cage showed up to the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, California over the weekend for his film’s premiere, but many had to do a double take before realizing the star of the movie was there. Cage, who normally has a clean look at appearances, showed up with full beard, along with a Indiana Jones style fedora hat and jean jacket.

The new mountain man showed up to the premiere with his son, Weston Cage, who had a very similar look, but it was his dad that stole the show. While the big story was Cage’s look, it was originally the movie, ‘Running With The Devil,’ that people were looking forward to. ‘Running With The Devil’ stars Cage alongside Laurence Fishburne, Peter Facinelli, Victoria La Mala, Pip Lustgarten, Keith Jardine, Adam Goldberg, J.T. Holmes, Clifton Collins Jr., and Lily Anne Harrison.

Via Fox News