NHL Fan Pulls Off Epic Kiss Cam Prank Pretending To Propose To Girlfriend

The Fan Was In Attendance At A Recent New York Islanders’ Game

January 6, 2020


The kiss cam has become tradition at any major sporting event, either leading to a sweet moment, or the ultimate embarrassment. While usually these videos are kept in stadium, every once in a while a couple does something that sends the video straight to the internet. In The latest kiss cam viral video, a man pulls off an epic prank, pretending to propose to his girlfriend.

In the video, the man wearing a new York Islanders jersey, leans over and gives the girl sitting next to him a kiss. What comes next was unexpected to everyone in the stadium, including his girlfriend. The man went to the aisle, and dropped to a knee making it seem like he was about to propose.

While everyone awaited his proposal, the girl stood up in shock. However, the man quickly began tying his shoe, leading to laughs throughout the stadium. It seems like the girl was a good sport about the joke, but the man probably got an ear full on the way home.

Via Fox News