This Human Keg Stand May Be The NFL’s Best Touchdown Celebration Of All Time

The Touchdown Celebration Was Done By An Indianapolis Colts’ Offensive Lineman

November 18, 2019

Bobby Ellis / Stringer

Every week at least one NFL player celebrates a touchdown with a hilarious dance or act, but this week topped them all. During Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, offensive lineman Quenton Nelson scored his first career touchdown and celebrated by doing a human keg stand.

Sadly for Nelson, the score didn’t actually count, but the celebration was still worth it. During the celebration, one player squatted down while the other lineman picked Nelson up to simulate doing a keg stand. Video of the celebration quickly went viral after the game.

It’s rare that offensive lineman score, so when they get a chance to celebrate they usually take full advantage. That’s exactly what Nelson did, and what he did will probably go down as one of the best celebration ever, even if it didn’t count. Luckily for Nelson, his Colts when on to score and win the game as well.

Via Yahoo!