New Survey Names Dallas As The Rudest City In Texas

According To The Survey, Dallas Just Beat Out Austin For The Number One Spot

December 30, 2019

Mike Ehrmann / Staff

While state pride is seen all throughout Texas, there is a healthy amount of competition between the Lone Star State’s biggest cities. Whether it’s Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio or Houston, each city sees themselves as the best, and will be quick to put down the others. That is why Business Insider conducted a survey to find out which city in Texas is the rudest.

Looking at the personalities of people in each city, the survey found that Dallas was the rudest city in Texas. While many from Dallas disagree, it seems plenty from Texas’ other cities are in agreement. The two major reasons given for why Dallas ranked as the rudest city in Texas were stereotypes and sports rivalries.

Coming in second place behind Dallas was Austin, which also ranked 16th rudest in the country. Houston and San Antonio round out the rest of Texas cities that made the list. While some in Dallas may be upset about these results, many see it as a point of pride for the city, and don’t plan on changing.

Via Narcity