New Study Debunks Myth That Tapping A Shaken Beer Can Prevents It From Exploding

The Study Found No Evidence That Tapping The Top Of The Can Lowers The Chance Of Explosion

December 13, 2019


Any beer drinker has experienced opening up an unknown shaken beer can only to have it explode at least once. While for years, people have been tapping the top of the can to prevent the inevitable explosion, a new study has found that does nothing to prevent the burst of liquid. Some may still believe tapping the can works, but it is yet another myth busted by science.

The new study, published by MIT, was done by researchers at University of Southern Denmark. To come up with their conclusion, researchers experimented with opening both shaken and unshaken cans of beer, and tracked the results. What they found was, the tapping showed no impact on the amount of liquid lost when the can was opened.

Tapping a can of beer to prevent explosion comes from the theory that tapping the can will cause bubbles created by shaking to be pushed to the side, instead of shooting out of the top when opened. However, the researchers completely debunked this myth, claiming tapping either doesn’t create enough energy to move the bubbles, or the bubbles are actually all throughout the liquid, instead of at the top. Regardless, beer drinkers should stop tapping the can, and show patience by just waiting for the beer to settle.

Via Fox News