New Oreo Flavored Lip Balm Goes Viral Quickly Selling Out Online

The Lip Balm Comes In An Oreo Shaped Tin, And Tastes Just Like The Beloved Cookie

February 13, 2020


Oreo cravings can be pretty dangerous, but making other things taste like Oreos is just unfair. An Oreo flavored lip balm is now being sold, and the world’s love of the cookie was quickly shown as the product quickly sold out on Amazon after being shared online. The lip balm tastes just like an Oreo and comes in an Oreo shaped tin.

Oreo Flavored Lip Balm! The tin it comes in is pretty awesome! Found at @itsugar

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The new Oreo flavored lip balm quickly went viral after a photo of the product was shared online by an Instagram account devoted to sharing the newest snack and candy product developments. The lip balm was originally was at the candy store, It'Sugar. Oreo fans quickly flocked to the hundreds of locations around the United States, and while the product quickly sold out on Amazon, it is still available online.

Y•O•L•O• (You Obviously Love Oreos) • scented & flavored lip balm now available on @amazon! Link in bio. #oreo #oreocookies

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While the lip balm isn’t made by Oreo, it is developed and marketed by Taste Beauty, a cosmetic company that has previously collaborated with Oreo on products. In 2019, they released an Oreo lip balm that “smells and tastes just like your favorite cookie,” with a more traditional packaging. Hopefully this new lip balm doesn’t lead to people accidentally eating the container.

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