New Map Reveals The Most Searched Thanksgiving Recipes By State

According To The Map, Texans Have Been Searching For Dressing Recipes

November 4, 2019


Now that Halloween has passed, and the calendar has turned to November, its time to start thinking about the next big holiday; Thanksgiving. Everyone’s favorite meal is only one month away, as families begin to prepare what they will cook for the holiday. The research has already begun, as a new map reveals the most searched Thanksgiving recipes by state.

While plenty of states will be sticking to the classics this year with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato casserole, others are ready to spice things up a bit for Thanksgiving 2019. According to the map, provided by Google Trends, some states, such as Georgia, will be trying to deep fry their turkey this year. Others, like Washington and Hawaii are just looking for the perfect gravy recipes, while other states want to change things up by adding honey-baked ham to the menu.

As for Texas, the most searched Thanksgiving recipe this year has been dressing, or as some call it, stuffing. A dessert map was also created, as that showed Texans are hoping to find the perfect pecan pie recipe for Thanksgiving this year. While the maps show trends across different states, most likely everyone will be having a massive combination of all these delicious items on Thanksgiving.

Via Fox News