New Amazon 4-Star Store Opens At Stonebriar Centre in Frisco

The Amazon Retail Shop Will Sell Electronics, Kitchen Items, Books, Toys, Games, And More

November 7, 2019

David McNew / Stringer

Amazon has made online shopping a little too easy, but for those who still prefer to go to a store to buy items, Amazon is now coming for you as well. A new retail store, ‘Amazon 4-Star’ opened at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco on Wednesday. This is Amazon’s first retail location in Texas, with others in California, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington.

Amazon 4-Star will sell items such as electronics, kitchen and home items, books, toys and games. The name of the store comes from the products sold in store, as Amazon plans to only have products rated 4-stars or higher sold in the store, along with new and trending items. “We know people love to shop offline in stores like this, so we really think it compliments, provides customers a way to see something, products in person,” said Amazon’s Drew Sheriff.

Products sold at Amazon 4-Star will be rotated weekly, giving customers the opportunity to find new items with every visit. Starting this week, Amazon shoppers no longer have to go online to find their favorite Amazon products. For those that can’t wait for 2 day shipping, this may be the perfect store.

Via Fox 4 News