Neighbors Calls 911 On House's Horrifying Halloween Decorations

September 28, 2018
Halloween, Decorations, Yard, Skeletons

(Photo by Georgie Silvarole/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)


September is winding down, October is coming up next which means one thing, and one thing only.  It's almost Halloween!

Some of the more enthused might already have begun decorating your homes, and we applaud you.  We especially applaud this house in West Fargo, North Dakota.  Halloween is Becky Muh's favorite holiday, so she tends to go all out.  Her decorations so far this year, are good.

So good in fact, she and her husband have been receiving calls from concerned neighbors, and one even called 911 because they were so terrified.  

Muh and her husband placed a sign in her window that reads "Help Me," written with what appears to be blood.  It's awesome.


A police officer actually checked on the house, and the whole situation ended in a laugh.  And he let the Muhs keep the sign up as well.

Via NY Post