Nation's First Public Self-Driving Car Service Coming To Frisco In July

May 8, 2018
Self Driving, Car, Interior, Highway

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Frisco will soon be the home to the nation's first self-driving car service available for public use.

This news comes as a result of a partnership between the city of Frisco, the Denton County Transportation Authority and the private developments for Hall Park, The Star, and Frisco Station, and the Silicon Valley-based who are all part of the newly formed Frisco Transportation Management Association.  Mayor Jeff Cheney said, "Frisco is making a statement that we're going to lead in innovation."

Rides can be requested through a smartphone app and will be available for free through its initial six-month test run.  For now, the prototype vehicles will have 100% human monitoring, with someone always sitting in the front seat to act as a backup driver in case the system faults.  

After the six month test period, and depending on the public perception, it's likely this service could become a city mainstay.  Negotiations have already begun between the city and for a more permanent partnership, something that Russell Laughlin, Executive Vice President of Hillwood Properties, says is in the future.  "Your children today, 95 percent of them that are born today, likely will never own a driver's license," he says.