Mystery Artist Turning Abandoned Dallas Payphones Into Art

May 1, 2018
Abandoned, Pay Phone, Brick Wall

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Payphones are a relic of times past.  

You still might see one every once in a while, but they are out of order, unkempt, and generally an eyesore.  One Dallas resident has decided that needs to change, however.  Several abandoned payphones in the Lakewood area are being converted, seemingly overnight, from their rusty, dingy former selves into beautiful pieces of art, stuffed with bright and colorful flowers.  Certainly a nice change of pace form what they used to be.  

So far, four payphones have been converted, in front of the boutique Talulah and HESS off Live Oak, with another right across the street in a convenience store parking lot, as well as in front of the bar Strangeways off Fitzhugh, with another right down the street in a parking lot off Fitzhugh and Capitol avenues.  Talulah and HESS manager Mandi Giallorenzo and Strangeways owner Eric Sanchez don't really mind, either.  Sanchez said, "Before, it was just a cubby for trash.  This just kind of polishes things up a bit."  Giallorenzo echoed his sentiments saying, "It was such a fun surprise.  To take something that’s just an eyesore and to make it beautiful is a really great thing.  If I could say something to them I would just say thank you for putting your art out there and for making it something that everybody can share."

Hopefully, this nice trend continues all across Dallas Fort Worth.  Let us know if you spot any!